VHX-2000 Digital Microscope

The VHX Series Digital Microscope is an all-in-one microscope system that can observe, measure and record – all within a single system. Extremely versatile, this equipment combines the capabilities of a conventional stereomicroscope, compound microscope, and metallurgical microscope. Elevating digital microscopy to a new level, the VHX Series achieves a 0.1x – 5,000x magnification range. One of the main benefits of this digital microscope is its incredibly large depth-of-field, making it possible to inspect an object from any angle and perform 2D/3D observation and measurement.

Key Features

VHX-2000 Product Concept

Large Depth-of-Field
Capture fully-focused images of nearly any sample

VHX-2000 Features

0.1x - 5000x Magnification
Lenses designed to solve any application

Virtual Demonstrations

Free-Angle Observation
Observe samples from any angle to perform 360⁰ inspection

Automatice microscope measurements

Automatic Measurements
Advanced measurement functions with just the click of a mouse

Super resolution microscope imaging

Super Resolution Imaging
Exceeding the resolution of an optical microscope

Key Features

16-bit High Dynamic Range
Clearly see surface texture on low contrast and highly-reflective targets

VHX motorized control and navigation

XYZ Motorized Control
Joystick-operated stage with auto-focus makes imaging a cinch

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VHX-2000 Digital Microscope Catalog

VHX-2000 Product Catalog

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